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Brierley Guitar Pickups

Humbucker Pickups

Brierley Guitar Pickups take on vintage and modern style humbucker pickups.

Old Style Style 50's Hand Wound Humbucker Set

A tribute to a much loved and revered pickup: the 50's PAF. Low output, sweet singing vintage type tones with a great harmonic edge. Plain enamel wire is used. Coils are deliberately mismatched. The long magnet is custom made to my specs and based on a vintage alnico formula. 5-40 nickel plated fillister head screws are used, as are vintage type long leg nickel silver bases, wooden spacers, and custom machined pole shoes. Custom slugs are used. Now with butyrate bobbins in double black or zebra. These pickups are supplied wax potted. Should you prefer them unpotted please ask at time of ordering. Single conductor vintage type hookup wire.


  • COVERS NOT INCLUDED - see footnote for cover pricing.
  • A2, A3, A4 and Isotropic A5 magnets available. May be added to order - see options in footnote below.
  • Double cream bobbins available only under nickel covers.

$374.95 AUD per set or $195 AUD each separate neck or bridge

Brierley Guitar Pickups is developing a range of CNC machine wound pickups. The CNC wound pickups will not be replacing the hand wound pickups. They will be made alongside the hand wound range and are also made one at a time. Only the winding method is different.

The first of these is the BH-16 bridge humbucker which is now available. It already has quite a following due to it's great tone, clarity, touch sensitivity and screaming harmonics. It's a higher output pickup with great fat tones primarily designed for hard and classic rock. Cleans up nicely too.

  • Available in Black, White, Zebra, reverse Zebra colours.
  • Trem or non-trem spacing available.
  • No covers are used on this model.
$165 AUD each
Moderate Output Hand Wound

Available in A2, A3, A4 and A5 Alnico magnets. Discuss with Mick if you need more info re sound for each magnet type. Approx. 8k bridge and 7k neck.

  • COVERS NOT INCLUDED - see footnote for cover pricing.

$359.95 AUD per set or $187.95 AUD each
Modern Vintage A5 Hand Wound

Hot vintage type humbucker that's wound with modern poly nylon wire to approx 8.7k. Fitted with an Alnico 5 magnet, it gives clear sound with a tight clear bottom end and good treble response. Machined pole shoes. Nickel silver base. Nickel plated slugs and 5-40 fillister head pole screws. Wax potted for reliable performance.

$359.95 AUD per set or $187.95 AUD each
Modern Vintage A2 Hand Wound

Modern vintaqe type humbucker wound to approx 8.5k and fitted with an Alnico 2 magnet. Machined pole shoes, nickel plated fillister head screws and nickel silver base plate. Less attack and a softer bass than the Alnico 5 version. See and hear Modern Vintage A2s.

$359.95 AUD per set or $187.95 AUD each
Modern Hot A5 Hand Wound

Hotter Alnico 5 bridge pickup. Wound to approx. 12k. Tight clear and punchy, good bottom end and clear top end.

$359.95 AUD per set or $187.95 AUD each
Modern Hot A2 Hand Wound

Hotter Alnico 2 bridge pickup. Wound to approx. 12k. Machined pole shoes, nickel silver base plate. Hot, fat and sweet should you need it to be. "Roars like a lion with a hot poker inserted somewhere"
(thanks to client Jonno for that description)

$359.95 AUD per set or $187.95 AUD each


Adelaide, Australia
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